Sunday, November 8, 2009


My daughter, Olivia Naomi Lane, is without doubt the most talented and wonderful person I know. I hope that she finds her way thru this life without struggle (at least not too much struggle) and gets the opportunity to live out her dreams. My wish for her is to have vision... to be able to see into her future and know that she is the master of her destiny thru the choices she makes. Always remember gratitude for the opportunities that you are afforded in life. Know that I am always here for you and above all things I love you. Call on me when you need an ear to listen or someone to support you in your ventures. I believe in you and know that you will create a wonderful life for yourself and would count myself lucky to be a part of it. Sometimes love reveals itself in funny ways and things aren't always what they seem. Try to see beyond the frustration in life and visualize what your life will be like. It is likely that the universe will bend itself to your will and you will get exactly what you want. I just finished reading a book "Write it down, make it happen". It says to make a list of everything you want to accomplish and look back at the list a year from now and you will be amazed at the things that you have done. "The Secret" is another book that will help you in life. I know that the days seem long but if you keep your eye on the prize, before you know it you will be where you want to be.
I love you Olivia.

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