Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitchen progress... it's really happening!

Well we are making good progress on the project and as you can see... last weekend was a big drywall weekend! Yippeeee!! I am very excited about this because it makes it look like you have done ALOT!!
The plan is for the stack washer/dryer to go in the "closet" next to the fridge and there will be lovely 5-panel doors on the closet and on the pantry (hopefully in lovely knotty alder to match the cabinets)

The fridge looks so happy in it's little cubby :)

And thus far this is what we have...

Thankfully the sink is reconnected to the drain so there is no more "watching the bucket" and we can just wash dishes to our hearts content.

I am optomistic about hooking up the dishwasher sometime before our anniversary (that would be the 4th of July) :)

6 more sheets of drywall are coming home in my husbands truck tonight and it looks like this weekend will be spend taking the paneling off of all walls in the dining room and living room and probably getting the drywall installed. Next step is the tape and texture which we are considering hiring out. It would be so nice to be to the point of paint in just a couple of weeks.

It's hard not to get ahead of yourself in this whole adventure but my husband is the temperance to my "youthful exhuberance" ... and thankfully so....

more to come soon

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