Thursday, October 7, 2010

Something old made new...

We have been working on make a garden shed in the back corner of the property.  There was a reallysuperold shed roof and we figured it would be well served to house the gardening impliments (as it were)

We had alot of the utility grade 1x6 left over from building fences on Perry road, so, we made a little lap siding.  Part of the idea was to make the shed look like it's always been here.

We wanted knot holes and crooked boards. 

The roof was a little rotten so Steve cut back the yucky part and we added new plywood.

Still need to finish painting and put a metal roof on.  The door?  Well, we have some old single panel doors. We are going to put 3 of them together and make a sliding barn style door. 

this was the old shed

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