Friday, March 26, 2010

Brown bags, paint and one trip to the ER...

so... lot's of progress on the brown bag treatment..... it's super easy and comes out looking wonderfully textured and leathery... it's so easy that you can have your friends help or.. as my husband says "a caveman could do it"... haha..
Of course there are always little "snags" in the plan like the trip to the ER because your wife stepped on a nail that was hidden just under the bed at 9:30pm and her foot swelled up like a puffer fish by 3:30am.. which leaves you no other option than to get that tetnus shot and a nice dose of antibiotics when all you wanted was to have the sheet tucked in at the bottom of the bed before you went to sleep...
All things considered things are going along smoothly.. and no-one has lost a foot yet!
More to follow as this weekend will mean completion of the brown bags as well as prepping the "laundry closet" to receive the stack washer dryer... yes.. you heard right... one day soon I will not have to go to the garage (which is detached from the house) to do the washing..
I long for the day...

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  1. Where's the picture of the blood and guts? Some people will do anything to get out of plastering the walls with paper bags. Supervising is so much easier with your foot elevated (per the doctor's note).
    Get better,