Saturday, April 3, 2010

Progress, Progress... and by the way my toe is healing nicely.

Todays project... paint the shelf boards for the pantry... this means that yet again I will be setting up saw horses in the living room.. thank goodness there is plenty of space.. Installing the pantry shelves is pretty high on the priority list this weekend.. if it will actually happen remains to be seen.. Eventually (within the next week or so) we will be able to order our kitchen cabinets.. they will be made out of knotty alder (the door pictured is clear alder) and the countertop will be silestone (I think).. things have a way of changing just when you think you have made up your mind and have a plan... haha

The kitchen has changed a bit.... We moved the tower of shelving out of the center of the floor to make room for working with the long wood for baseboards and pantry shelving. The kitchen is minimal to say the least but completely liveable...

Yes... the curtains are temporary! haha.. but aren't they fabulous?

I couldn't sleep a couple of nights ago, so I got up at 3 am and decided to finish the brown bag treatment on the wall below... it took a couple of hours but it's done.. now all I have left to do is the walls in the kitchen.. It shouldn't take too long and then the "brown bag wonderfulness" will be done. yippee!!!

The is one of 2 shelves that we are using for "kitchen cabinets" and while it's close to the kitchen it seems pretty far away when you are cooking.

Below is the 1920's light fixture that Steve rescued out of a home in Paradise that they were disassembling and selling off. It cost him all of $2 and he took the glass out, sanded it down and painted it, replaced the ceramic socket and wiring for the bulb and ... there you have it... one vintage 1920's porch lamp for a "night light" of sorts.

This area is the focus this weekend... shelves on the left and a lovely stack washer dryer to the right.. molding, trim, brown bag... then maybe I won't have to go out to the garage to do the laundry (on a side note.. it snowed last night and the garage is not attached to the house!)

This couch is just about the only thing in the house that hasn't moved since we put it in place..

Hope you enjoyed the progress update.. more to follow.. we continue to work at it little by little...
Our goal is to have this half done by our anniversary. Of course I did leave out the part about laying the wood floor and having to clear coat hundreds of feet of baseboard and moldings for the windows and doors and of course the stripping and refinishing of the doors for the laundry closet and pantry and did I mention the part about taking out the stone entry/landing by the front door? ... Seems the more I think about it the longer the list gets so I think I will go paint something.. :)

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