Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it happened so quickly :)

as promised in previous post... particle board countertops.. here we are cutting to fit. We made cardboard templates for the tricky pieces.
routered the edges and then stained them and clear coated them (3 times)

I think that for the whopping $25 it cost for all of the countertop in our kitchen, it was well worth the effort. (we just saved ourselves about 2 grand!)
They are wonderfully shiny and as my husband pointed out "you can't even tell when you have spilled your coffee" haha

And... finally... all of the countertop stuff is back in the kitchen where it belongs. :) this is a very happy thing!
We still need some moldings for the doorways and windows, some backsplash (which will be a thinner particle board stained to match), doors for the pantry and laundry closets (I have these already and only need to strip and refinish them), and flooring (again... already purchased and stacked in the spare bedroom for acclimation)...
I think that the house is looking like a million bucks...

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  1. Well Momma, I'm finally looking at your blog, like I promised. I love love love how the house is turning out. I can't wait to see it for myself in person. I saw your bed has been turned into the couch. Now I know where I'll be sleepin' when I get there, lol. I will try to update my own blog soon with my stuff, I've just been so busy. As you can see it's 11 something, this is my life, always busy until it's way to late to do much else. I love you momma. I'll call you tomorrow after my lesson while I finally get some overdue laundry done. I miss you! Olivia