Sunday, June 13, 2010

The best laid plans

So... yesterday morning my husband and I got up and cleared the yard...We were ready! I was promised big happenins' ... The tree just to the left of the front porch was coming down! woo hoo!!! You can see how tall it is (we estimate about 75 feet) compared to the house. Unfortunately the tree guy came down with the flu and couldn't come. :(

Plan "B", Remove the front deck... Sounded good to me.

Removing the railings wasn't so hard... just take out a few million screws and it will just fall right apart...

Take the deck boards off and stack them in a pile to be used for "temporary steps to the front door... pausing briefly to scratch your head as if to say "what the hell did we get ourselves into??"

All things considered the underside of the deck was in better shape than we expected and since the wood was totally rotten, another trip to the dump is in our very near future.

Yep! Busted out of there just like 'butter"!

Thank you Harbor Freight and Chicago tools for the Sawzall :) It worked like a charm! The best $20 saw on the market!

Necessity is the mother of Invention! While I was inside getting another beer for my husband, he built me "magalia hillbillie steps". But ain't they perty!!

I am at a loss for words as to why the back porch looks like this or what yahoo built it the way they did but it had to be remedied... Steve says that this is why the county requires permits.

Since we are going to the dump anyway... we thought it would be a good idea to take the porch with us... or at least as much as we could. This is where we stopped when we realized that we can't leave it constructed as is. It has some "engineering flaws" that need to be remedied... Maybe next weekend..

And a temporary deck was built out front!

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