Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paint the house... check!

While we are thinking about the porch design I decided to hurry up and paint the house. I have never painted the outside of a house and it felt like a really big project. We prepped, caulked, repaired and so on... then one day while Steve was at work, I began. Below you see the "cubbies", otherwise knows as eaves. There are exactly 60 of these around my home. Steve and I discussed the best way to paint them and even got a bid from a friend to spray but, in the end, I painted them with a 6" corner roller and it worked out really well. Painting the eaves took one day.
a little last minute caulking...
And... begin...
work your way around...
and around...
and around... then repeat. :)
Here is the house before (several of our neighbors didn't even realize there was a house on this lot)
I think they will notice now. I think the house looks good. Now the big question seems to be "what are you going to do with the fireplace?"
I was thinking just leave it but we are considering putting rock on it or painting it. Suggestions are welcome. There is a new front door in our future and the porch building should start anyday now. :)

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  1. Wow! The house is awesome, good luck with all that work!.. Natalie it's Beautiful.
    Hey Steve great job tooo.. Love you all tammy