Friday, August 13, 2010

so... how many pier blocks does it take anyway?

When you remove things you can never quite be sure what you will find.
Imagine our shock and amazement when we uncovered the 4 pier blocks holding up one side of the steps... yes.. you heard right.. just the one side of the steps.
Hey Waldo... just kidding..
The walkway leading from the back porch to the garage was rotting into the ground.
Looks like a trip to the dump is in our very near future.
Another platform was between the house and the garage. Not sure why it was built but, it's gotta go!
That's better!
Like I said, another trip to the dump. We are practically on a first name basis with those guys. They don't even ask if we are dumping pressure treated anymore. It's a beautiful thing.
Here is a cool trick. If you want to smooth your "dirt" yard, drag a board around in a circle a few hundred times and it will be perfect.
The yard is finally smooth and the water should flow around the house instead of straight at it.
Prepping for paint means ripping the rain gutter off the house. No windows broken and no one got hurt! Please don't call OSHA, we know the ladder is not on level ground.
Pressure washing is the devils work. Quite possibly the yuckiest thing I have had to do yet.
Bliss?... I think not. Soaked to the bone and covered with paint, mold, spider webs, tree junk and dirt.
More to follow. We will be painting this weekend. Sorry for the delay in updating but as you can see we have been busy and are still at it. I long for the lazy days laying in the hammock in our oasis of a yard... someday...

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