Monday, September 6, 2010

Building the front porch... what can you do in a weekend?

It all began on friday night....
one post sprang up out of the ground,
like "jack and the bean stalk"... just kidding.
We decided to set the posts on friday night as we needed to make them level.

Using the lazer level we were able to determine the lowest pier and measured the rest of the posts from that, cutting off about 1/2 to 1 inch of each one.  It worked like a charm.
We woke up the next morning to a forest of posts.
Saturday was spent putting the 4x6 beams in place across the top of the posts.
Lots and lots of ladder time. (thanks for the loaner Riera)
Angled cuts and installing 6" SDS screws with an impact driver.
A 13 foot beam added above the front door to allow for roof pitch.
At the end of the day the canyon brown stain made it all work.
It always amazes me to look back and see what we made in just one weekend.  I think it looks great.  A deck and some roofing will be worth it when the rain comes.

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  1. Hey there momma! I love the house! The cats look like they are doing well too. I am going to keep updating my blog so you can take a look sometime and see whats new. I miss you... Don't forget to write to me and give me a picture so I can get started. I love you! Tell Steve I say hi. :)