Sunday, September 19, 2010

That was a big job!

Building the front porch was a big job.  I am sure that no one was happier to be done than my wonderful husband.  He not only worked on it last weekend but also every night thru the entire week and again this weekend to finish.  I do love that man!

More friggen pier blocks!

Deciding where to put the supports was no easy task.  I think the deck will last and it certainly isn't in danger of colapse.

Towards the end of last weekend we were about at this point.  Like I said, "a big job"... who knew?

A spur of the moment stroke of genius.  Install screen to keep the animals away!

It's a beautiful thing when you finally get to make a cut that gets rid of all the loose ends.
It really felt like we were getting somewhere at this point.
We routered the edges to knock off the sharp edges then sanded a little.
before and after
The crop circles in the front yard are there for placement of stepping stones, the firepit and the patio.  Still a work in progress.

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