Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prepping the yard... change is blowin' in the wind...along with a crapload of dirt...

It's been a few weeks since an update.. we have been busy as usual and making progress. Below is a picture of Steve and I killing ourselves trying to dig out the dirt so the water will drain away from the house when we build the porch. Needless to say, we are renting the tractor tomorrow because rototilling and picking until you reach physical exhaustion just "isn't the way". (I think we are smarter than that!) Of course, after all that digging we needed to put the temporary porch back which now is more like a temporary ramp.
We tilled and dug a trench around this stand of trees in the yard to make a "flower bed" of sorts.. I think it's practically "parklike"...

And here is the "clean slate", after removing the trees and getting the stumps ground and then cleaning up the mess.. this is what you have. (I do regret not getting pics of the yard after the stump grinding. Just try to picture the yard with giant mounds of dirt and wood chips. It looked like we had a mole the size of my car living in the ground)
Part of the wood clean up was making someplace to store the wood for the fires we will have in the yard (after we rebuild the firepit).
Steve built the one above and I built the one below. (I did have a little help) :)
We did finish doing the demo on the back porch and resupported the roof and it turned out nice. The breeze actually blows thru and it became a nice addition to the back yard. With a little pressure washing and a change in the direction of the steps and a new roof.... you get the idea...I am sure this weekend will be an adventure. We have never operated a tractor for excavation but, like I said before, "we are smarter than that" ... right???

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